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12 gauge Black Cloud - cheap

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  • 12 gauge Black Cloud - cheap

    I've got 15 boxes of 3in. 1 1/4 ounce 2 shot 1450 fps and 4 boxes BB. $15 a box. Located in Mediapolis, Iowa (near Burlington). Would meet within a reasonable distance.
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    I wish I was closer, 5 hours one way for me. That's a heck of a deal considering they are twice that high at rogers ($329/case). You shouldn't have too hard of a time unloading them. My favorite shell up till now. I'm making the switch to federal blue box I guess


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      TH, Did you ever hunt snows with, or by chance know Doug Beaird from Burlington?


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        Hunted a few years with some guys that were occasional guests of a big time honker hunter they called "Beaird". Think he had some hot private spot he eventually lost. My (poor) memory is that it might have been some sort of quarry pond. That area was where the snow hunting really started around here.


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          He was Police Chief in Burlington three or four years ago. We did a project for them and he hunted snows a lot with three or four other guys SSE of Burlington somewhere. So we had a lot in common.