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    to all the drone guys out there. A simple educational challenge. We all have seen drone footage over huge flocks of snow geese and it's awesome but I think we need footage of going over 200-3000 geese so we can see what it looks like in real #s to our decoy spreads. I think with that footage a lot of people would see how a small flock is and maybe what triggers a big flock to join them. Things like tight groups or spread out things like that. 75% of the people hunt over1500 or less decoys and it could help us see what's going on. We all think we know how to get them some of us know we have no idea how to get them. But maybe seeing this from a new angle of small flocks would help. Just throwing it out there.

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    I will work on this.


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      I would definitely be interested to see how the smaller flocks look in the field and on a pond edge.


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        I don't suppose you ever had the chance to get some drone footage over these small flocks Wapiti; did you? Having watched a lot of small flocks (500-1,500) while scouting over the years, I have long felt that a lot of motion was not necessary to mimic them. I can remember so many times watching these smaller flocks at a distance or through binos, just waiting to see if there was any movement to signal they were a live flock. And nothing. Never any of them in the air or making detectable movements.

        I started using motion many years ago just because it seemed to be the thing to do. Make the spread alive. But I have gone completely away from that and forego all the gadgets. I can't say that it has resulted in an improvement to success, but certainly not a decline.


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          I think this was a very good move on your pond. A loafing pond is not going to have the movement that a hot feed will. And I agree with the small flock observations you have made. I often wonder why people who put out a 1000 decoys don't try to mimic a 1000 live birds rather than 100 000 birds.

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        This would be very cool to see. Seems to me the drone videos I have seen are mostly big wads and they are all real tight with defined lines where the flock stops. It would be a learning experience for sure.


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          The opportunity never really presented itself. Big feeds are easy to find, but the smaller ones are not. Sorry fellas