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    Like many I've grown my sock spread over the years. I started with sillosocks and on no wind and low wind situations they are still my preferred sock. About 5 years ago I added about 15% 3D headed sentrys to add another element and I like the look. Here 100% of my decoys have heads. BUT.....

    When dealing with tall corn stubble traditional sillosocks leave something to desire and then there is the high wind thrash so I added another matching number Green Bay printed Knockdowns. I like the decoys but it looked too consistent to me so I headed 10% 3D sentry heads to the Green Bays too. I like the irregular element of random sentry heads scattered throughout especially when laying out a little more. Still; it
    ​​​​​seems lacking and I am thinking about increasing the number of 3D heads to that 20%-25% range. When you look at a feed of 1000-5000 birds with birds shuffling for food the upright and searching heads in a flock often seem to be 25-35% or more.
    Is anyone else doing this? Does the headed element help with more than my just my A.D.D.

    Thanks DD
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    It might just be your A.D.D but I too have wondered about having more heads up. Do more heads up indicate some type of danger lurking? Thanks for starting this thread. f&g


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      I've considered having some as I've switched over to headless skyfly from sillosocks. From my recollection people mostly concluded they didn't see a difference in decoying birds, and the hassle of storing headed decoys wasn't worth it. I think some styles are harder to store than others, and I believe I will have some heads next year to see how they do for storage.

      The skyfly heads are flexible so I am concerned they will come out crushed everytime and the look won't be what is desired.


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        Skyfly must have changed heads. I have some that are plastic.


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          I don't have any, was just going by the words on the website:

          Designed specifically to fit SkyFly Decoys' backbone support system; Installation without disassembling the system
          Made in soft EVA, makes it compact in storage
          Amazing life-like features and painting details

          With all the bad reviews of EVA decoys like EVAC from whiterock not retaining/returning to shape, smashing these heads down in a bag or tote likely means they will come out crooked and caved in. I want to try some heads, but ugly heads wouldn't be worth the money.


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            Probably doesn’t matter but I use about 35% ish up rights and I prefer a darker spread around 40% blues, specks and Canada’s mixed around the pond.

            Nothing wrong with trying to set your spread off a little different than everyone else’s rig.


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              I noticed this year that the new Hard Core full bodies that T. Vandemore helped develop contained a higher ratio of uprights than what has been normal. He must believe it helps.


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                When I watch birds or capture photos/videos it's always interesting to just watch and learn or look back at the footage and learn. You'll see a single goose standing watch even in the middle of 2-300 actively feeding, but there is always more than just that one sentry. Also with feeding and active geese there are a lot of heads going up and down, up when they're walking and looking, or fighting... And loafing ponds, there are even more uprights standing on the bank! Now in a feed, too many heads up usually indicates they're alerted to something. I see this right before they get quiet and all fly away.... But that said, SOME upright heads definitely add realism and provide a different look. Just my 2 cents!


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                  The A.D.D. kicked in and project complete..... I decided to move forward toward the 20% level of sentry heads. Finished the last 75 this AM and painted up 25 more blue heads giving them a better look with the feather detail. Nearly 400 Sentry heads do take up some room but if it makes a difference it will be well worth it. If nothing else it looks cool and differs
                  from most other sock spreads. time will tell?


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                    Good luck! I hope you can keep that A. D. D. under control but then again, who cares!!!

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                  It's sure not going to hurt anything. Frankly, I've always been amazed at how well snows will decoy to headless sock spreads. When glassing other spreads in the area, I know I can pick out the headless spread immediately. It takes a little longer when you see heads sticking up.