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Anyone running Divebombs?

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  • Anyone running Divebombs?

    I am looking for opinions on the divebomb headless snows. I want to add some off the tall stake decoys to use around my hunters and would like to hear some first hand reviews.

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    I have several hundred headed Divebomb's. I like them. They seem to be slightly better quality than a Silosock which is my primary sock decoy. I like that the stake folds in, but in truth, most of the time I pack them with it extended. I think the movement in the field is better; they don't thrash in the wind. They are slightly heavier than the Silosock and I can get only 2/3rds as many in a Deadly bag as the Silosocks. I like the blue goose print pattern and the general look of the decoy in the field better than most other socks.


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      Divebomb socks and silos are the only goose decoys I've bought for several years. This years sock is the third generation with improvements made each time.


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        The guys I hunt with have a few hundred. We run them with skyflys and both deploy similar and they seem good. Divebomb wire stakes gets a little more bob in the wind than a skyfly and push into ground easier. But also wears a hole in mud and starts to lean more if a lot of bouncing occurs (similar to a sillosock), than a skyfly with fiberglass stakes.

        I think they had some issues with the pins in the backbones coming out, the pin that holds the backbone onto the stake. Hopefully they fixed that, but I haven't heard.


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          The flocked black and white honker decoys look amazing.