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  • Sleeper Snows

    Does anyone make sleeper snows besides the GHG that prairie wind sells or the Dakota floaters
    Bought a few GHG and not impressed for $140 a dozen.

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    Hardcore has a mix of heads now but
    when I bought mine you could get all sleepers shells.
    maybe reach out to them and see what they can do.
    Mine have turned yellow in spots over the years but the paint has never come off.

    what don’t you like about the Avery’s?


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      DD there was a fellow on FB that was selling Hardcore shells this spring from the Omaha area and the crew I hunt with purchased 20 dz but I believe he still had quite a few left and had posted them up for a lower price but thats been over a month ago. I might still have his # in my cell phone, send me a message if interested.

      The GHG sleeper snows are small or more lifesize has I've compared the picture of them next to the GHG Sleeper floater which I have and they are small compared to your average honker sleeper unless you are talking about a LS GHG honker shell than they are about the same size.


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        The avery sleepers are really small and
        ​​​​ very light I expect issues with them possibly turning over in wind on pasture pond set or maybe not. I was hopeful to add some pipe insulation and dual purpose them as extra floaters too.


        • River Ratt
          River Ratt commented
          Editing a comment
          My Avery specks never blow over