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  • Shell Decoys……

    IMO, there hasn’t been much discussion about using them. It seems like everyone talks mostly about using full bodies, socks, or a combination of the two in the field. Rarely is there any talk about shell decoys.

    The only disadvantage of using them is perhaps putting the stakes in hard or frozen ground. Ofherwise, they seem to be a good option with appearance and movement. Am I missing something else?

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    I bought two dz. GHG sleeper shells last year that I think look awesome and are nice early on frozen ground. Never cared for shells on stakes in my permanent spread. Lots of chasing after a wind storm.


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    I have a dozen that were thrown in with a used sock purchase. Very handy to stash stuff under. I'm not a snow goose so my opinion doesn't count for much but I remember a guide I hunted with had 2500 socks out and 1500 shells. The shells were all on the downwind side. Just looking at it I remember what a stark difference there was in the appearance of the two and wondered if it didn't look funny or out of place to the birds. Mixed in I could see or at least an overlapping transition from one to the other I could see looking me anyway. A friend of mine has 3 dozen shells , 10 dozen fulls and 20 dozen socks. He kills birds so.....


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      I just don't see any advantage in a shell for snows given it's a numbers game. Unless it's a sleeper style, they don't stack unless you remove heads. Once you remove the heads, setup takes much more time. For a permanent spread, you may arrive at your field to hunt and find them blown all around the field. I had the GHG 5/8ths. They rode the stake in the wind funny (sideways and dipping down into the wind), they did not save much space, and the heads came off. Sold them.

      I would always go all in for realism (full body), or all in for mobility (sock). Shells are a hybrid that don't fill a middle ground well at all.


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        Originally posted by Geez n Quackers View Post
        I had the GHG 5/8ths. They rode the stake in the wind funny (sideways and dipping down into the wind),
        That was what bugged me on the ones I saw used.