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And The Past Blasts Keep Coming

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  • And The Past Blasts Keep Coming

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Name:	string o wings.jpg
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    Remember these? Never seen them used, but the concept seemed workable.

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    Don't forget the true blast from the past (and I think you may be able to still find some), the TX rags. They sure made a nice white spot due to their size. (not my pic, found on internet, sorry if its one of you guys LOL). Surely everyone who started way back hunted over them at least once.


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    Killed far more snows with at least part of the spread being rags than not. Fond memories of early days hunting over a "huge" spread of 300 rags and 100 honker sillos and shells with temporary snow and blue conversion kits I came up with.


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      Tying rags the night before the start of the C.O. What memories!


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        Think my hands are hurting right now in part from those years! Don't expect to ever again have a hunting related rush that compares to the first tornado winding up as migraters joined from the heavens. "They're getting bigger! They're coming down! They're just hanging there like parachutes! Shit, my legs are shaking. I hope I don't have a heart attack!"