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  • Remington V3 Pro Waterfowler

    I got to see one of these first hand the other day; Sweet gun! It feels & picks-up nice like a older model 1100 but with a little more heft. Points like a dream. Great job of Remington enlarging the bolt release, safety, and bolt handle. It is supposed to be one of the softest shooting gas operated semi-autos out there, right behind the Versa-Max or Browning Maxus. The bronze Cerakote finish is sharp looking. Prices seem to range from $1,000.00 to $1,150.00 if you can find them. A lot of dealers appear back ordered on it.

    Now, just got to fit with a lamp shade before bringing it in the house, so as not to arouse suspicion with the wife.

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    I think you'll like it Sarge. I broke one in last year and it performed flawlessly. Common complaint with them is he forearm not fitting tight. Mine didn't either but an extended tube did away with that problem and its rare that I would use it without one since I have a dedicated gun for other waterfowl and snow season with 3-round restrictions. Either way not that big of a deal and I experimented tightening the cap with more than just my fingers and was able to get it tight. The other gripe is the pro-bore chokes not patterning very good. Maybe. I didn't pattern mine so jury is out on that for me. The gun surprised me on how clean it stayed. I shot around 9 boxes of steel dove loads through it before I broke it down and it looked like I had only ran a handful of shells through it. The feed gate may bite you once in a while and I've seen a few blogs where some have done some filing on it to improve that. but its not enough of a problem for me to start filing away on it. I kind of wish I had gotten the 26"barrel just because my duck gun is and that's what I'm used to. I've not found a load that it has any problems with. My buddy shoots a SBE2 and figured out he couldn't shoot some royal Blue I loaned him. No problems with mine. I put combinations of all 3 shell sizes in it in random order several times changing up the order and then rapid fired it with nary a problem. As far as soft shooting and the comparison to a Maxus, IMO its not behind it, its softer. It seems like it spreads the force of the recoil over a longer period of time taking the sharpness of the kick out of it. I shoot a Maxus for ducks and that's just the way it feels to me. The only other thing about it was a problem that I think is just me not the gun. Going from the Maxus to the V-3, it shot about 18' higher at 30 yards than the maxus. I am so used to not thinking about the gun during mount and shoot that I believe there may a fitment adjustment that I need to make with some of the provided shims. Last year I adjusted for it but I had to think about consciously shooting lower. All in all, a very dependable gun IMO


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      Thanks for the input. It does appear to be a very nice gun. I'm just having the urge for something newer, as my SBE-2 is now 15-years old. I did a bunch of upgrades to it and it runs like a champ. Still, I'm thinking of something that shoots a little softer.


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        Try a 28 ga. very soft shooting. I shoot just as many birds with it as I ever did or do with a 12 ga. I like my birds close so I don't worry too much about not having as many pellets per shell or needing to stretch shots . The 28 is a killer, it patterns well and you can find ammo for it, slightly more money but well worth the investment. I started out with a Weatherby SA-08 and loved it and it was moderately priced. Only problem was it had a piston system for light or heavy loads that you would have to change out. Kind of a pain to do that all the time. I upgraded to a Benelli Ethos and it will shoot any load. Its such a fun gun to shoot I rarely take out the 12's anymore. Bad weather I do but if I can, I stick with my little baby.

        I know I am weird and an exception to the modern waterfowler.


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      Qua, nothing weird about what you are doing. I’ve thought of a 28 gauge myself. Light recoil , lighter gun, and a little more challenge with it. Found a nice Benelli Ultra-lite 28 gauge for $1,500.00. Either way, something is coming home with a lamp shade on it.


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        That's a nice sbe2 you have. Try shooting lighter rounds. 2 2/3" #6 low base steel. Very little kick. You would need to change out the spring in the stock so it cycles. That little shell is a killer on decoying birds and very affordable to shoot. I just bought another sbe1 that I will be changing the spring in to shoot these light loads. The sbe1 has never liked to cycle light rounds but with surecycle light spring shooting trap can be fun again. Plus that long magazine extension can hold a ton of 2 3/4" shells.


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          I've been shooting a standard V3 for several years now and have liked it a lot. Remington's design on the mag tube requires you to remove the dimples to add an extension for snows. I was torn on grinding those away but finally did and it worked well with an 8-shot capacity last year. Definitely a lightweight but still soft-recoiling auto with a pretty simple action to tear down and clean.