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2 3/4" Shot Shells Revisted

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  • 2 3/4" Shot Shells Revisted

    Decoyed posted an interesting idea in another forum subject that got me thinking about shot shells. He mentioned using 2 3/4" shells for shooting over decoys. Doesn't seem like a bad idea. I grew up in the 60s-70s using 2 3/4" magnums with 1 1/4 ounce loads for all of my duck hunting. They worked great. The 3" inch shells were used exclusively for geese, and that was mostly for honkers. I succumbed to exclusively using 3" shells when non-toxic loads became mandatory.

    Wildfowl Magazine Dec/Jan issue address this same idea. With the advent of newer powders and loads, the 2 3/4" shell may be an option to consider again. Boss Shot Shells offer 1 1/4 ounce, copper plated non-toxic loads, which is enough for hunting over decoys, when shots may be 15-35 yards. They costs less and felt recoil should also be reduced.

    Food for thought anyway. Anyone else using them?

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    I use them when the geese are decoying very well through a tight choke tube. Very effective, it really comes down to ones shooting skills. The part that makes it more difficult is the fact that 3" shells you can get for the same price or less than. In saying that why would you not want to shoot a larger payload??? If the point you are thinking about is recoil then by all means shoot them for that cost.


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      Winchester expert #6 2 3/4" steal 12 gauge is great on geese that decoys. I've killed many Canada and lots of snows. 99% kill rate for me inside 35 yds. The land stone dead. I choke with a imp clc and never take long shots.


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        As you noted I think it's more about steel vs. other pellet types. With steel and larger pellets, 3" offers more payload for better patterns so it has become the norm. MFGs dont even have many 2.75" steel offerings anymore, but I buy them on clearance when I find them and shoot them on ducks. I buy 3" steel by the case b/c of availability and price.

        Boss shells are Bismuth, so that's a different story and their 2.75" loads should work well on any waterfowl in range. Looks like you save $4/box for their short loads, which is significant. Not sure how much the recoil difference is. Probably not as big as the jump from 3" to 3.5", which is significant.