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    Brobones brought up a question in the e-caller section on storage of longer cords. I have some 25 ft ones that I just roll up and clamp together with hardly any problems getting tangled. But longer ones can present a nice challenge in the dark doing that way. I looked around and found a pretty good solution with electric cord storage reels. I did have to hunt some to find small ones that weren't orange and found them at Orchlens. They only stocked one at a time so I made several stops at different stores. Black in color so I painted them camo. They have a crank and you hold the inside handle to wind it or spool it out. Very fast and effective and they hold 50 ft comfortably. Of course it works a little better if you have disconnects at the speaker which I do and the free end can be stuffed into a hole in the side to keep it tight when stored. I think wrapping cord around the bracket on horns is pretty common but outdoor speakers is a little different sometimes. These work great and prevent wire twisting. Its just a matter of walking and holding the spool to unwind it and you can stand in place most of the time and wind them up. I bought some larger ones for some longer cords which had fins on the spool edge. Those caught the cord and created problems but being plastic were easy to remove. Here's a pic of an orange one. My small ones were about the size of a dinner plate and can also be used to set the speaker on if the ground is pretty wet giving them about a 4" clearance from the ground. They aren't very hard to cover up and hide either

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    I use the other style extension cord holder.

    I painted mine brown


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      Thanks for this Cornstalks.... Now I have to try and find one here in Canada that is not as big as a Semi tire


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        Let me know how the search goes. if you can't find any I could round some up and send them to you.