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    starting a general shotgun topic here... looking for help with my Beretta A391 xtrema2. something is wrong with the extractor on the bolt and the spring fell out of it. so i'm trying to take the extractor out. i've searched all over the web and youtube and been in touch with Beretta as well and struggling to get an answer or at least a quick answer... anyone else by chance shoot an xtrema2 and had to take extractor apart? magnififed pics attached. it looks to me like a roll pin that only come out from one direction. but why the hole on the other side then???

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    I mainly shoot extrema 2's but never an extractor issue. I looked at a couple of mine. The hole from the bottom side of the bolt head appears to be the way you punch the roll pin out at its larger on the top side.


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      I also have a Xtrema2 but never had to mess with removing the extractor has its my back up gun now with a A400.

      I agree with DD thou that the roll pin looks to go out one way and could be punched out with a small punch. Hopefully it slides out easily but could be a pin in the a** if its like roll bins when I'm dealiing with farm equipment.


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        Thanks guys. I found some additional info in another forum on the web and then compared to my SBE2 however I wasn’t seeing what I was expecting. Ended up drilling the pin out and determined that the pin had broke off where it goes through the extractor. I got the old one all out and have new parts in hand. I will try to add pics of what it’s supposed to look like so maybe it can help someone else at some point.
        also thinking of replacing ejector spring while I’m messing with it. Ever messed with that ?