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    Has anyone else had problems with federal blue boxes miss firing? I have had multiple primers get hit and all I get is a click. This is dating back to duck season. These would be leftover shells from last year. Side note: I think they also sold me blanks instead of # 2's. When they go off nothing seems to die anyway. LOL.

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    I had one the other day, these were purchased 2 seasons ago and are the "new" speed shok. However they changed the box again last year, and my brother and his friends have had misfire issues with the "new new" box loads. Not sure they actually changed anything besides the box, but that helped us identify which ones seemed to be having issues. He hadn't had issues until these latest ones, but I can confirm mine was from 2 years ago.

    Mine did it on what should have been an easy shot. I shucked it out and somehow made a hail mary count on a bird going away that hit the ground at 80 or so yards. I was shocked I hit it!


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      I can’t , or I should say my gun can’t, stand the blue box Federals. Any other shell, no problems.


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        With regard to blue box I've never been a fan. Not had any misfires just pale in comparison to others from my view point. I have had great luck with red box however..... I found them ( blue box) terribly dirty.and patterned 7-10% below red box in my Berettas so after a test box each of BB and 2 I was done. I believe you get what you pay for in most cases. I shoot a case or maybe a few boxes more on average spring so the extra $ is a small price to pay with overall investment in snow goose hunting.



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          I can attest that the new blue box are a lot cleaner. Gun used to have a lot of powder in them with the old ones, and I shot 4 or so boxes last week and powder residue was average or below. They've always performed very well for me and guys I know, and have been the least problematic until these recent misfires.


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            I've not had good experiences with either the Red or Blue boxes. I did an extensive patterning test with several different brands of shells (i.e. Kent Silver, Federal Blue & Red, Remington Nitro, and Winchester Supreme), all with the basic 3", # 2 shot loads. All were shot out of a variety of chokes (i.e. Wad Wizard Supreme, Carlson Modified, Carlson Long Range, and Benelli Crio Modified) out of my SBE-2. I shot at 35 yards and 50 yards to test them all. The federals all worked and fired without malfunction, but their patterning results were at or near the bottom of the list. I finally settled with the Kent Silver, which patterned very well no matter what choke I used.

            I truly believe that patterning you gun with different loads and chokes on paper is the only way to go.


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              Red box #1 out of my SBE's, Beretta Xtrema's and a Relay Masi Mara pattern between 87% and 91% to point of aim with Turlock IM precision Hunter Chokes. Best Overall patterning load I've found yet. The FIOCCHI 1 1\5 OZ load is a close second in #1's also.


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                I've never tried red box, but blue box has always patterned well and killed well for me. I did have another fail to fire on a blue box load, so 2 this year with light primer strikes that wouldn't fire from 2 different guns. Primer seated too deep? These would appear to match that as a cause.