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  • Are You Gearing Up Now?

    With all the stimulus checks, child tax credits, supplemental unemployment checks and upcoming tax returns, there should be plenty of money to spend on Snow goose gear.

    So what’s the plan? More decoys, new gun, an e-caller etc.

    Roger’s, Cabelas, Silo-sock, and Snow Goose Warehouse could all use your support. Do your part with stimulating the economy and saving the tundra at the same time.

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    Sell 2 ecallers and make a new one. Maybe buy a few more socks. But I'm kinda set. Think I have enough shells, depends on what kind of shooting we get.


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      Ordered a case of Boss bismuth shells. My dog days are over. Can't go thru putting another one in the ground. Not really hoping to reach out to more birds, just to anchor them where they are hit. Can't justify buying any decoys unless I can sell the case and a half of Black Cloud I have on hand. Already bought some new binocs and got some heavy long underwear and boot socks for Xmas. Do need to pick up a warm weather face mask.


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        im all set, although i wish the wife would let me get more full bodies lol. now just trying to figure out which field in which mississippi river flat i want to set up in hahaha. im prepping now for a longer set up this year as im a one man show


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          Will eventually add another couple hundred Deadly Decoys to my spread, but other than that I am sitting good on equipment. (Shit, did I just say that??)


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            Originally posted by Wapiti View Post
            I am sitting good on equipment. (Shit, did I just say that??)
            Its amazing how much extra spending money you have once you get to that point.


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              That is so true KG! I am finally to the point of saying I'm done. No more numbers, no more upgrades, no more gadgets. The only thing I will do is add floaters just for summer snow goose projects and the enjoyment of making them.


              • Sarge
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                Is your nose growing Pinocchio?

              • Geez n Quackers
                Geez n Quackers
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                You may be right. Time will tell.

              • Cornstalks
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                You say that until they come out with the next latest and greatest, a fully feathered fling robot that walks around your spread and flies from the downwind side to the upwind side and circles your hole on demand .