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    What do y'all like what don't you like?

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    I used two different options. I have your general collapsible blind and I have also put a white vest on her (black lab) and had her lay next to me. Both work just fine.


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      I'll get on both then


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        All comes down to how much control the dog has.....or how much YOU have to control your dog ! It can be pretty daunting for a young dog to be under a screaming horde of snow geese making multiple passes overhead. Breaking is the biggest issue. Personally I go for a very low profile dog blind. Pup poking her head out and scanning the sky doesn't seem to spook the birds at all. I've been the white dog-vest route and found for the Spring Conservation Season, the temps are just too warm for the neoprene. For fall and winter, dog always has a vest.
        Nate: my choice of dog blind is the Rig'em Right Field Bully-blind. Its not your typical boxy-shaped blind and once stubbled up good, shows a minimal profile. Blind is incredibly well-built and I have had no issues with it. HOwever, I would not recommend it for guys having larger framed dogs and over 75 pounds. Just my opinion.
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          Waterfowl junkie,swithback dog blind is hands down the best ive used.Even has a gate for dogs that break early, which my does.


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            Nate got it in a couple days. I just made all his retrieves come out of the blind.