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Snows headed south!

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  • Snows headed south!

    You guys in ND etc. keep an eye to the sky as I suspect you will be seeing an increased number of Snows shortly.
    Three days ago, I was out helping a friend set up his camp an hour West of my location in SE Alberta. I saw huge numbers of Snows flying at low level, dropping into a number of waterbodies and numerous tornados into harvested corn fields. Needless to say, I have been busy hunting elk in this area the past week and a half. A long 13 year wait to draw this tag has me in full elk mode.
    Anyway, yesterday and today, the weather changed drastically, high winds and well below freezing temps since Monday afternoon. My friend had a field all lined up Monday and watched as flight after flight flew waaaaay overhead in a SE direction. Today I was back in the area looking for the ever elusive ghost elk. The Snows are long gone south, most ducks were gone as well. Still plenty of Canadas taking advantage of the corn. (Most will likely stay through the Winter) I saw a mixed Snow/Speck feed in one field, less than 100 birds.
    Good hunting guys! Hopefully I'll harvest my elk but time is running out then it will be back to bird hunting.

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    Yep, they are moving south. Heard lots of squawking high in the sky here in southeast NE last night (11/11/2018). And, that was at 9:30 PM, in darkness