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Hunter Numbers Declining?

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  • Hunter Numbers Declining?

    Do you think the actual number of hunters is declining? What has been your observations?

    Second thought; Are the number of free lancers going down and the use of guide services going up?

    Judging by the amount of stuff appearing on Craigslist, especially the "used one season" stuff, it appears that a lot of first timers are either quitting or are now using guides.

    It's another boring, drifting snow, sub-zero day here in MN and the mind begins to wonder a bit.

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    yepper.alot less Walmart hunters.the ones who just want to go through a couple boxes of shells will really drop by the wayside this year.the good reputable guides will pick up some clients.this sport is not for want ta bees.bad dog


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      This was almost predictable as all the new hunters got in on the epic juvie shoot last year now they are wishing they had not spent all that money to chase the devils


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        Hard to tell just yet. With our weather and conditions, it will be about 2 more weeks I think before I hit the fields. I'm sure some will give up decoying themselves. Maybe some switch over to jumping birds. A lot easier to drive around and bust them then setting up a big spread. Either way, I wouldn't mind seeing a few less in my area. I am kinda selfish though and like being the only one out for miles.



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          As for snow goose hunters there was glut of spreads here when the CO started followed by a big drop 7-8 years ago and a big increase the past couple years. Heard second hand several new groups were jumping in this season.


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            Seems to be more and more every year here in MO, even in the lesser known areas. Maybe this year will knock a few off.


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              This year is definitely going to knock off a few!


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                Snow goose hunters in texas are sure dropping off. It was a horrible year for geese.


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                  I don't see less in the areas I hunt. Certainly there are more areas the birds are hunted in than ever before. From Central Kansas to Central Illinois. I think any decline in hunters this year will only be a blip. we all know how addictive the bird is. Is doesn't take a great deal of success to hook a newbie.