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  • RiverRat

    Its good to see you around. I hope you have some time to post more. I always enjoyed your view on the world.

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    Who is this RiverRat fellow to whom you refer?


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      *River Ratt


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        I knew that. Just gad to see an old familiar poster back on. Missed his reports.


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          Iv been extremely busy lately with my new business and there’s just not much time in the day.
          My family farm sold and the new owners dozed out the pond.
          why? Who knows what people with more money than they know what to do with think.
          So I hunted a different pond last year and the birds would not decoy to it.
          pasture pond with too many trees and a fence they didn’t like, just something not right about it.
          So I have two more ponds for this year to try out.
          Both are beans this year unfortunately.
          I do have another pasture pond with corn across the fence but I’m hesitant with that fence after last year.

          The pond I thought I had in my back pocket is corn but it’s owned by two people and he needs to ask the other owners first. So possibly a chance on that one yet.
          Finding a set up like my old pond is a unicorn.

          so unfortunately after 20 years of hunting the same pond I’m trying to figure out a new pond and last year didn’t go so well.

          I’m going to set two spreads this year. One at each pond and see how things go.
          The hope is one does better than the other so we know what one to set up on next year when it’s corn.

          last year I hunted two weeks and shot nothing on the new pond.
          So I found a feed and had a nice shoot to end the year.
          I changed absolutely nothing on that pond I hunted last year. Same decoys, sounds, there was something they just didn’t like about it.


          • jolle
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            Sorry to hear that, never a fun situation to lose a property and seems to happen more and more as years go on. Hope you find another good spot.

          • mo4NU
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            Dang, I hope things work out. Glad you ahve some options and it might be fun to figure it out all over again.

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          Well that sucks RR. I feel for you. I was worried last year for similar reasons. The farm I have hunted - and invested in for hunting - sold last year. Fortunately no hunters in the family. And the purchasers cousins farm in the area and will be farming the ground we hunt. They are great people and respect the investment. The didn't have too. Even opened up more land opportunities. I'm always keeping an eye out for the next option. You just never know when you don't own the land.


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            Yeah that really blows Ratt! People just can't leave shit alone. I predict you will adapt and overcome!


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              Yeah I’m sure it will all work
              and I’m definitely ready to get after them again