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    Originally posted by whitey11 View Post
    I saw on some other post about the flu and if it makes it to the tundra. Just how bad do you think it will hurt the population? I am sure there is really no way of knowing for sure.
    i know that our deer herd got infected with a sickness 5 years ago.cut the population in half if not more in some areas.bad dog


    • River Ratt
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      EHD hit sw Iowa hard in 2012 and again in 2013.
      It’s made a decent come back in the last 10 years.

      Still not what it once was, but in my opinion that was too many deer then and I think it’s more tolerant now.

      I started shooting a few doe last fall for the first time since 2013 when we noticed a huge decline in the population.

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    I had a friend north of Craig Missouri on hy 59 send me a video yesterday of hundreds of dead blackbirds all along the road and in the field as far as you could see.

    My concerns are in my opinion the duck population could take a huge hit. I personally don’t feel the duck population is in a stable condition now. It seams I see less and less ducks every year.

    Do I want to see the snows get hit like this, NO.

    Could they stand a hit, YES.

    It’s definitely getting uglier by the day.


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      It’s definitely getting uglier by the day.
      [/QUOTE]bad dog


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        Good listen
        Jeff Stanfield & Andy Shaver are joined by Bryan Richards, who is the Emerging Disease Coordinator for the USGS National Wildlife Heath Center. The guys discuss the Avian Flu that has been a concern for many waterfowl hunters over the past few weeks. Bryan is also the nation's leading expert on CWD in deer, elk, and other big game animals, and he shares his vast knowledge on the challenges hunters face going forward with Chronic Wasting Disease.


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          Our local news had a story on about deli meat and turkey production last night. They said that deli turkey is becoming difficult to find and may get much more difficult this fall. Largely due to avian influenza and that it could be an issue this fall. Now I assume they were referring to migratory birds spreading it as they move through. Not sure how much of this I believe, and not sure if I believe all the other hype about "why" egg prices, chicken, ect, ect. are so high anymore either. I am thinking most of this stuff is inflated by middlemen keeping the flames of despair and shortage roaring to keep additional profits in their pockets. I know there is some truth to all of it but sure seems like the fanning of flames is now the normal and so many people are just falling for it. They closed the piece by stating that there should be enough turkeys to go around for Thanksgiving, but you might want to consider getting yours early just to be safe...Maybe I'll just have ham instead, have not heard about the swine flu in awhile.



          • Wapiti
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            Qac, I will tell you that I had a conversation with a guy who runs one of the Hatrurite Colonies in SD this last spring. He told me they had to put down every bird on the place and that they would not be allowed to re-start the growing process until sometime after 90 days. This was certainly devestating for that colony, but it is hard to know what type of effect, if any, that would have on poultry availability or prices.

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          My area dog trainers are struggling to get ducks to using in training. My pup needs some live birds but it look like it will be teal season before he gets to see any!


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            I talked to a local biologist that said avian flu typically trails off once birds get to the nesting sites because they are spread out much more so than during the migration and on winter grounds. He said this is even more applicable on the snows where even though they nest in large colonies, there is sufficient distance between nests. He said the outbreak well into the migration may have helped since getting to the nesting grounds would serve as a buffer. Guess we'll see this fall but I have not heard much regarding poor nesting due to the flu. Has anyone?

            On another note, I have seen a couple of early reports that the snow goose hatch may have been a bust in the central artic, but ok in the eastern arctic (Baffin Island and South Hampton), and Western Hudson Bay. This due to late spring in central artic with no mention of flu impact. That was in the most recent Wildfowl magazine.


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              Fished on the Miss. today. Saw 1 or 2 dead pelicans on several sand bars.


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                I have found many dead song birds in the past two weeks at our lake laying dead on gravel roads and in the grass, it is definitely still present.


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                  This just out today. We bring them back just as required.

                  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), after several discussions with waterfowl scientists from Ducks Unlimited (DU), has revised their previous rule banning the import of game birds from Canada.

                  On September 8, 2022, DU provided science-based information to USDA APHIS to advise their decision to revise import restrictions,​

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                    That is good news Ken, thank you for sharing.