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  • My favorite...

    Passing time during lunch. What are your favorites. Feel free to add to list.

    Over all Decoy: Sillosocks
    Sock: Greenbay (RIP)
    Fullbody: Dakota (especially since Cornstalks bought the only ones I hunt over)
    Motion: clones (also see above)
    Flag: Flyer on a long pole
    Shells: I am not usually picky but liked the 3 inch Forum blindside I shot last season.
    Sounds: JJB
    Player: JJB
    hide: Laying in decoys
    ground blind: Finisher type
    A frame: Lucky Duck
    Choke: Factor Modified
    Tube extention: No
    Snack in blind: Swiss Cake rolls
    Drink: Soda
    Energy drink: no

    Im sure I am missing some obvious ones....

    additions from others

    Gun: Nova
    Blind bag: Dive Bomb dry bag and plastic ammo cans
    Mouth call: one hasnt been made yet that I can make sound like a goose.
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    Over all Decoy: Deadlies
    Sock: Deadlies
    Fullbody: SX
    Motion: Flags
    Flag: Any
    Shells: 3" expert bb's
    Sounds: JJB and old school Snow Bait
    Player: Super snow crow pro
    hide: pit or a-frame, laying in decoys is pretty awesome too
    ground blind: Finisher
    A frame: Lucky Duck
    Choke: Mod or if super windy will throw patter master in
    Tube extention: heck ya
    Snack in blind: Combos and diet dew
    Drink: Soda and latte's afterwards
    Energy drink: heck ya, how the heck are we supposed to stay awake?


    • mo4NU
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      The "heck ya's" made me laugh!

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    Overall Decoy: sillosock
    Sock: Skyfly
    Fullbody: GHG
    Motion: flags
    Flag: Flyer on a long pole
    Shells: 3" Fed blue box BB or 2's
    Sounds: JJB
    Player: homemade
    hide: Laying in decoys on ghost blind
    ground blind: TF ghost
    A frame: TF panels
    Choke: Trulock extended Modified
    Tube extention: Yes
    Snack in blind: Bumblebee tuna snack packs, and snow goose snack sticks!
    Drink: water
    Energy drink: no
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      My favorite ....

      Over all decoy: Socks
      Sock: Ones I made myself
      Fullbody: GHG second generation
      Motion: Socks
      Flag: Any
      Shells: Kent 3" BB or #2
      Sound: Snowbait
      Player: Any. Should include at least one power horn however. And have adjustable volume.
      Hide: Whites really did work for a long time, but a finisher is way more comfortable . Currently, keeping hunter numbers below 4 is more important than hide.
      Ground blind: Finisher
      Choke: Xtrafull.
      Gun: Mossburg. I switched to a pump gun for snows so it would handle more mud and extreme conditions.
      Tube extension: None needed
      Snack in blind: Granola bar
      Drink: water and a thermos of coffee
      Energy drink: None needed
      Blind bag: Plastic ammo box. This makes it crush proof to keep things in order after you step on it in the dark. Also makes a fine gun rest.
      Mouth Call: Whiteout


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        Over all decoy: Northwind socks
        Fullbody: Dakotas
        Motion: 15mph wind
        Flag: Silisocks flyer on a custom pole
        Shells: Black Cloud but i cant afford them anymore so Federal blue box 3" 2s
        Sound: Snows down low
        Player: Homemade
        Hide: Whites did work well until last year it seemed. Going to try blankets this year
        Ground blind:If i use one my rodgers goose buster
        Choke: modified
        Gun: Flyway Technologies based on an SB-1. Remington Versamax on the bench
        Tube extension: yes
        Snack in blind: snow goose or duck jerky
        Drink: coffee and orange soda
        Blind bag: Banded white in color and pretty well water proof. Also makes a good head rest.
        Layout pad: Momarsh in gore optifade
        Field machine: Argo. Nice that it does water too.


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          Overall Decoy: Silosocks
          Sock: Skyfly,
          Fullbody: DSD, Whiterock
          Motion: What I have are Deadlies, SiloSock, Clone and Home Made Clones
          Flag: Rig em Right
          Shells: 3" All different brand names, my preferred are Fiocchi and Speek Shok Feds #1s are my favourite, #2s BBs and 3s when the conditions are right.
          Sounds: Home made and modified JJB
          Player: Homemade
          Hide: Laying in decoys
          Ground blind: Renegade (Cabelas)
          A frame: No
          Blind Bag: ALPS
          : Factory Modified, Carlsons Cremator Full
          Tube extention: Not allowed in Canada or I would try one
          Snack in blind: Granola bars, corn nuts, snow goose snacks sticks/jerky
          Drink: water.. Plenty of it
          Energy drink: no But I do love my coffee during the hunt so a thermos is always with me


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            Overall Decoy: Deadly (All 1,800)
            Sock: Deadlies
            Fullbody: N/A
            Motion: Silosocks on homemade rotaries and 9 Clones
            Flag: American..
            Shells: 3 1/2 #1's reloaded in Wapiti's garage
            Sounds: Custom
            Player: Fox Pro Super Snow (Backup is homemade)
            Hide: Varies
            Ground blind: Rogers Goosebuster XL's (The older ones) and backboards
            A frame: N/A
            Blind Bag: Several different ones
            Choke: Patternmaster Long Range
            Tube extention: 9 shot Nordic
            Snack in blind: Truly anything goes here, but most fond of sausage or snack sticks.
            Drink: Lots of water for me and my lab Oak
            Energy drink: Gives me Gout, so I quit that shit a few years ago...


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              Do you find the Canadian born geese still respond well to the American flag?

            • Wapiti
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              Heck yeah! They seem to be pretty happy to get out of Canada..

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            Overall Decoy: Dave Smith
            Sock: Dive Bomb
            Fullbody: DSD
            Motion: Have some of multiple styles but rarely use anymore
            Flag: American
            Gun: Benelli Ethos 28 ga.
            Shells: 2 3/4 Hevi X #4's till I run out then going to BOSS # 4 or 5's, maybe in a 3 inch, 28 ga.
            Sounds: Realistic, day by day whatever seems to work the best.
            Player: Fox Pro Super Snow - JJB
            Hide: Edges with some good grass cover
            Ground blind: ALPS Legend
            A frame: Zink
            Blind Bag: FA
            Choke: Modified - stock choke
            Tube extention: NO
            Snack in blind: Goose or Duck sticks made at one of our local lockers, they are all good.
            Drink: Coffee, Water,
            Energy drink: V8 energy No sugar and 1 full serving of veggies and fruit. Cause I need to be healthier.



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              Overall Decoy: SiloSocks
              Sock: Tangle Free
              Fullbody: Original Hardcore
              Motion: SiloSock Fliers
              Flag: Flyer on a long pole
              Shells: 3" Federal Red Box Home
              Sounds: JJB
              Player: Home Made
              hide: Laying in decoys Natgear bottom White Top and Hat/ Mask
              Ground blind: Finisher
              A frame: TF panels
              Gun: Beretta Extrema 2
              Choke: Trulock Precision Hunter Extended IM
              Tube extention: no
              Snack in blind: Tangerines dried fruit
              Drink: water
              Energy drink: 5 Hour
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