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    I think WOBO started this thread on HS, and it became a Sticky...So my tip of the day Is permanently fixing two piece decoys...We all have had this happen, they break or on averys that connection piece splits out...I use a soldiering iron to attach the heads permanently to the body...Using the flat tip I go right at the seam so it hits both sides at the same time " tac weld ", then dig a little plastic in to that cross " tac weld " from both sides " head and body side" ...I do this all the way around the head...Then i use a plastic zip tie and go back over the two and fill in the gap...Its permanent and strong, and I have not had one head come back off ...Its not pretty when your done but the birds dont seem to mind...If your doing canadas with flocked heads , flock over the weld first then a few days latter go back over all of the head and your new seam and it will never be seen again...No more screws and glue that dont work...Plastic soldiering has endless posisibilities on decoys...Thats my Tip of the Day...

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    I have used the same technique for fixing a crack in an old poly gas tank on an old '76 motor home. I tried every glue and patch on the market. Gas always wins but this heat fusing technique provides a final fix! In addition to the zip tie I have used pieces from some used plastic quart oil "cans". I have also patched holes in shot up plastic duck dekes too.