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    I'm trying to build some gadgets with the back and forth motion of the son of stalkers. I know the rear windshield wiper motors work, but if I'm going to bother going to the trouble of building a few of these things I'd like to buy and put some new motors in them.
    I've seen where some of you guys buy the rotory motors, was curious if anybody had a link or lead on a motor like this that doesn't do the full 360°.
    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    You can make the back and forth motion of stalker units with rotary motors that people use for vortex's (I've gotten mine from, you just need to create a arm from the rotary motor to a post that a flyer would be attached too. The arm attaches to the side of the post and when the rotary motor moves in circles, it moves the arm which moves the post that the flyer is attached too.

    If you would like more details or picture, just send me a PM. If you can weld, you can make em