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    Thanks Ross for gracing the home page with a picture of my young dog Cruise.

    This was Cruise's first snow goose hunt as I got the flu immediately after setting my spread in 2021and spent the next 4 days in bed.

    He did really well over the 4 days and made it through 4 big spins without incident. He was quiet and steady the the whole time! The first AM we had a spin we will never forget. we landed several hundred specks in the Kill hole at 10-15 yards and had several thousand snows from 25 to 75 yards. I prayed under my breath he could keep it together as he had not picked any birds since Dec 18 the last day of our duck season. We called the shot and cautiously only shot white Killing 12 I think. What a sight and if it would have ended there it would have been great memory alone.

    We did really well and Cruise picked around 75 birds both marks and blinds in a big spread of 4500 socks. He worked like a seasoned veteran snow dog. I was really proud and satisfied that all his training had came together.

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    Great story and pic!! I'd be Proud of him too!!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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      Yes, very good post with a very good picture. Thank you


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        Great story with a fantastic picture.... That is a day to treasure....


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          Love it! Hope he (and you) have many more great hunts!!