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    Congrats GK1


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      Originally posted by GK1 View Post

      Guess there is always beer.
      Way to keep it positive! Nice bird by the way.


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        Just finished up our deer Season and thought I would share the results. My oldest daughter took a nice doe on the 2nd morning of 1st season. She learned a valuable lesson about having the gun mounted correctly as she was treated to a case of scope eye. Yes, she had the scope kiss her eye but was able to get the deer and not break her glasses. We counted it as a win and I got it all on video. The youngest daughter hunted hard 2nd season for a nice set of horns and finally saw a good one on her 4th afternoon. Unfortunately, he was in too much brush for her to get a good shot so he slowly walked off none the wiser. She at that point decided to take a "doe" and had one come up and pose nicely for her. She made a good shot and got her deer. When I arrived with the tractor to pick it up it had changed sexes and had turned into a button buck. She also learned a lesson on how to tell the difference between does and button bucks. As I explained to her again "you gots to look for the nubbins" Anyway it was a nice deer and she was happy and that's all that matters. Before my daughter left for home that night I said I would shoot the big buck she saw tomorrow. Of course she laughed at me and said oh yeah, sure you will. Guess what happened? The old man came through. I sat in the same blind she did and saw the same buck she did and he walked right out in front of me and the rest is history. My text and photo to her were met with some, I'll say colorful comments and of course congrats too. Had a fun time this year in the deer blind with the family despite some tough weather but all in all very much enjoyable. I will try and put a few pics on here as well.


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          Sounds like a fantastic season! Always enjoy your recaps of hunts